Lockdown slowing the internet connections; Tips for improving speed

Families over the nation are finding their broadband connections limited as they are doing every possible attempt to work, teach and engage themselves on the web.

95% of premises ought to have the option to get to superfast broadband however take-up of services stays low. This may be on the grounds that individuals locate their present speed adequate for their requirements, would prefer not to pay or just haven’t got round to upgrading.

Tips for improving speed

  1. Prefer connecting your device through ethernet cable in option to WIFI.
  2. Configure the router to use different names for the two frequencies, 2.4GHz and 5GHz, and then re-teach devices the credentials for the 5GHz.
  3. Place the router in a free place; the signal may be blocked with other things.
  4. Microwave interfere with the WIFI signal, Try not using microwave while using WIFI.
  5. Download heavy multimedia files like movies after going to bed while sleeping.
  6. Use WIFI booster when using in the crowd.
  7. Even if the speed significantly lower down than the speed you were promised, phone your provider to argue the case for an upgrade.

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